Recommendations For A Successful Move And To Hire The Right Moving Company

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Recommendations For A Successful Move And To Hire The Right Moving Company

14 March 2022
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Moving your entire household to a new residence can be a laborious and stressful event which you can minimize with the help of a professional residential moving company. There are many details to consider in arranging a move, including the transportation to a new state or country, and the packing up, unloading and setup of your furniture at your new place. The following provides you some recommendations to help you plan out and complete a successful household move.

Shop Around For Movers

You may not be able to handle the physical removal of all your possessions out of your home and transportation to your new home, so hiring professional movers is a way to take advantage of their experience and manpower. Hiring a professional moving crew will require you to find the right company for the job and to evaluate their work, which you can do by asking around for referrals. For example, ask around at work to get referrals from coworkers or a neighbor who has just moved in recently. You can find out what companies are reliable and provide great customer service along with a good price.

Once you have some referrals to go on, you may also want to check around for pricing that will fit within your budget. Moving companies can have a range of pricing, so you should get at least three price quotes. When you arrange for a price quote meeting, the moving representative should come to your house to complete the accurate bid for the work. This will provide them time to view and check out your furniture, furnishings, and possessions inside your home and garage or other storage shed so they can accurately provide a cost for the work. Let them know if you want to hire them for packing as well as moving, or if you plan to handle all or some of it before you move.

Arrange For Packing

If you plan to complete any of your household packing, be sure you start early and plan out your work. Starting early with packing will make sure you are all finished when the movers arrive on moving day. Otherwise, you will be stressed trying to pack up everything and your movers may have difficulty loading up your possessions. 

Start by packing up items and furnishings that you don't use on a daily basis and won't need in the meantime. For example, your fancy dishes, wall decor, and books can all be packed up at the beginning. Then, work your way through items, leaving out anything you will plan to use before the move. For example, set aside clothing you will wear and towels to rotate while you pack up all the others to clear out your closets. Then, as you get closer to moving day, set aside items for your moving day essentials which you can carry with you to your new place.