Moving? 3 Packing Materials You Will Definitely Need

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Moving? 3 Packing Materials You Will Definitely Need

3 January 2020
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Are you moving for the first time? Whether you are moving across the city or across the country, it can be a bit stressful having to pack up your entire room, apartment, condo, or home. You can make sure you are prepared for the packing process by getting all the packing materials that you need ahead of time, which will help reduce some of the stress. Plus, if you have your packing materials well ahead of time, you can start packing your belongings little by little so you aren't left trying to do it all with days left. Here are three materials that you will want to make sure that you have on hand.

Cardboard Boxes

When you are planning a move, the first material that you need to start gathering is cardboard boxes. Any time that you make an online purchase, keep the boxes that you receive your items in. However, you likely won't collect as many boxes as you will need this way. Therefore, you will need to get boxes by other means. Most businesses in the vicinity will be more than happy to give you their used boxes for free. Grocery stores have banana boxes, which are incredibly durable, as are alcohol boxes from liquor stores. If you aren't able to gather enough before it is time to move, you can generally purchase boxes from a moving company at an affordable rate.

Newspaper and/or Bubble Wrap

If you have a lot of fragile items, such as glass or ceramic items, then you will need to wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap before loading them into your cardboard boxes. By doing so, you will help prevent them from chipping, cracking, or breaking in the event that they are knocked around during the move.

Packing Tape

While you may assume that you can use any kind of tape that you have around your house during the move, the truth of the matter is that you need actual packing tape for your boxes. This type of tape is durable and thick, which will help ensure that your boxes remain closed and your belongings protected. If possible, invest in a tape gun that can be used with the packing tape, as it will make things go a lot smoother and quicker.

With the aforementioned materials, you will be well prepared to start packing for the big day. If you need any of these materials or any other materials, get in touch with a local moving company.

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