Recommendations For A Successful RV Storage Experience

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Keeping Belongings Safe During Storage

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Recommendations For A Successful RV Storage Experience

23 November 2020
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When you need to store your RV for the winter or off-season until you need it again, you want to have it in a space that will keep it safe and protected from theft and the weather. Here are some recommendations to consider as you prepare to store your RV for winter.

Choose the Type of Storage

There are several types of storage options for your RV when you are looking at using a local commercial rental space. Some rental spaces may be covered with a covering to protect your RV from the sun and weather. Or you can find an RV storage spot that is fully enclosed in its own interior environment. 

Any covering over your RV is going to protect it from excessive sun and weather damage that will take its toll on the roof, awning, and the tires. However, an enclosed parking area will protect your RV and its wiring and other components from rodents and the damage they can do by chewing through wiring and insulation.

Depending on your budget, you may choose an outside storage spot and cover your RV with an RV cover to protect it from direct damage due to the elements. Just be sure you allow the cover some ventilation around the RV so mold and mildew do not grow. Also, be sure the tires are covered to protect against sun rot. But be selective about the outdoor space you rent because you should avoid parking it in an area with trees or grass. These areas can promote insect and pest problems with your RV while it is stored.

Be sure the storage site is secure and kept locked, such as with a fenced perimeter and a gate that only specific individuals can access. Many storage spaces have video surveillance around the site to help reduce the occurrence of break-ins or vandalism to your RV.

Prepare the RV For Storage

Once you have chosen the right place for your RV storage, be sure you prepare the interior. Make sure all the electrical is shut off and disconnect the batteries from the RV. Winterize the water lines if the temperature during storage will drop below freezing so your pipes don't become damaged. Clean out the fridge and leave it propped open to promote ventilation and remove any perishable food items from your RV's cupboards.

Shut the window blinds inside the RV to protect it from the sun's light entering your RV while it is stored outside. This will ensure your furniture, carpeting, and other surfaces don't fade during storage.