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Keeping Belongings Safe During Storage

When it comes to self-storage, there are a few things you need to do in order to keep your belongings safe. For starters, you need to know how to protect everything, and you need to be mindful of the cleanliness of the space. I started storing things about ten years ago when I realized that my house was too cluttered, and it made an incredible difference. I was able to breathe in my space again, and it was a feeling that I had really missed. This blog is all about keeping your belongings safe while they are in storage so you don't have to worry.


3 Excellent Ways To Save On Your Long-Distance Move

13 January 2015
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If you're planning on moving to a new state in the near future--whether it be for an employment opportunity or simply for a change of scenery--the fact remains that a long-distance move can be quite expensive. Not only will you need a moving truck, but you may also need to hire a team of long distance movers and spend money on food, lodging, and fuel along the way. Fortunately, if you're looking to complete your long-distance move on a budget, there are a few tips you can utilize to cut down on costs. Read More …